Why are Rising Security Bollards Getting More and More Attention? Feb 15, 2021

The rising security bollard is used to control the passage of road vehicles. It can be used in conjunction with the barrier control system or it can be used alone; the rising security bollard is designed and developed for sensitive areas to prevent unauthorized vehicles from forcibly entering, and it has the charcateristics of high practicality, reliability and safety; rising security bollards are widely used in many places such as urban traffic areas, military and important national institutions gates and surroundings, pedestrian streets, highways, toll stations, airports, schools, large clubs, parking lots and so on. Th rising security bollard effectively guarantees the traffic order, i.e. the safety of main facilities and places, by restricting the passing vehicles. It can be divided into automatic rising security bollard, semi-automatic rising security bollard and fixed rising security bollard.

There is always news telling about accidents happened in crowded places. If there is no anti-collision facilities, once a car is out-of-control, it will cuase very serious consequences. Therefore, whether it is set to prevent attacks on key targets, or whether it is in crowded places in the standard sense, the construction of anti-collision facilities should be considered.

On the other hand, with the increasing number of vehicles nowadays, urban road management and parking management have become the next difficult problem; especially in order to prohibit vehicles from parking on the non-motorized lanes on both sides of the road, the city management department has tried every method: some set signs of NO STOP, some set up stone pillars, and some placed stone ball and car-stopping flower boxes, but the effect is not very significant; however, the automatic ringing barriers, also called "rising security bollards" and "anti-collision bollards", can be fully raised and this can effectively prevent the passage of vehicles within a few seconds.

A lot of facts show that traditional stop barriers for cars can no longer meet the requirements and objectives of urban management. The fully automatic rising security bollards not only solves the above-mentioned embarrassment of being destroyed, but also achieves the purpose of a smart city management.