Which is Better, Flap Barrier or Speed Turnstile? Oct 03, 2019

Among all the turnstiles, flap barrier and speed turnstile are very popular with customers. But because their appearance, width, speed, and other aspects are different, so when choosing the turnstiles, customers often have many questions for our technicians. So which one is better, flap barrier mechanisms and good swing device? Let's try to find the answer.

1. Speed:  Flap barrier has a small range of action and swing gate has a large range of action. Therefore, the protection area of flap barrier is small and the action is fast, while the protection area of the speed turnstile is large and the action is slow.

2. Safety: Turnstile is prone to slap or pinch. The door page of the speed turnstile machine is coming face-to-face, with large contact area and customer's pre-judgment, so the flapping force is not very strong; the door page of the flap barrier is "sheared" on both sides of the human body, which is not easy to predict, and the contact area is small, the sheer force is large, and it is easy to hurt people. Therefore, the safety of the flap barrier is not as high as that of the speed turnstile.

3. Mechanical Strength: The weakness of the strength of the turnstile lies on the door page. Flap barrier mechanisms have better strength and installation than speed turnstile.

4. Installation space: The standard width of speed turnstile is 600 mm (adjustable size), and the width of the flap barrier is 260 mm.

Flap barrier and speed turnstile work the same way. They are all driven by motors and rotated by photoelectric detection. Therefore, generally speaking, flap barrier and speed turnstile are mainly aimed at the customer's installation environment, appearance and width to choose their own. What is suitable is better.