Where Is Swing Turnstile Suitable For Installation? Sep 11, 2019

Most of the time, when we choose the pedestrian access control swing turnstile, we don't know how to choose and why we choose swing turnstile. After all, the current pedestrian passage gates have a wide range of functions. For the choice of pedestrian passage gates, customers and friends are extremely cautious.

First of all, swing turnstile itself has a great advantage that it can be applied to the occasions with wider requirements for access, including the occasions of more pedestrians or bicycles carrying baggage packages, as well as special access for people with mobility difficulties. Because this feature makes it very applicable, slightly adapted to specific scenarios, you can meet the user's personalized needs.

Secondly, the plasticity of the appearance of swing turnstile is the strongest of all the gates. There are many kinds of materials for the blocking body, and the shape of the box is also diversified. It is easy to design beautiful and high-end shapes according to the specifications of the place. Therefore, swing turnstile is often used in large factories, intelligent buildings, station terminals, and other occasions.

Also, swing turnstile operates fast, and its security performance is very good. It can fully meet the changeable needs of high-end and middle-end places, and effectively solves the difficult problems that users need to solve urgently.

Swing turnstile, in a variety of places, such as large factories, high-end residential areas, 5A scenic spots and so on, has great application space, users are very satisfied with the use of the effect.

Switching speed can be adjusted in 0.8-2 seconds: 16 gears, according to the requirements of the switching speed.

Regular opening and closing can be adjusted. The switch between normal opening and closing modes can be easily realized by external buttons or remote control.

The swingarm is in the open state automatically after a power failure, and the opening direction of the swing arm is adjustable.

The swingarm can be adjusted synchronously (for double pendulum)...