What Should You Pay Attention to When Choosing a Full Height Turnstile? Dec 22, 2020

1. Application place of full-height turnstile

Full-height turnstiles are mainly used in access control situations to prevent violent impact, such as football stadiums and prisons. Compared with other gates, the main advantages of full-height revolving gates are: sturdiness, impact resistance, and can't be surpassed illegally. When choosing a full-height turnstile, you need to pay attention to the following aspects.

2. What should be paid attention to when choosing a full-height turnstile?

1. Sturdy and impact-resistant: The rotating rod and the outer guardrail need to be strong and able to withstand large destructive forces.

2. Safety: The biggest worry for the full-height turnstile is that being locked in the gate and cannot enter or exit. In any case (such as a sudden power failure), this situation must be avoided and the design depends on the principle.

3. The swing arm has a large weight and large inertia. When the swing arm is in place, there is no oscillation.

4. Rotation life: moving parts will wear out, and the key parts are designed and selected reasonably.

5. The glass material above the barcode reader: the top of the barcode reader must be transparent. The use of plexiglass has low cost and is easy to process and install. However, the glass will be worn and rough after multiple swipes, which affects the speed and accuracy of barcode reading , so wear-resistant quartz glass must be used;

6. Ticket inspection speed: The speed of ticket inspection is an important indicator for the large flow of gates. The ticket inspection speed depends on the gate control method, communication networking method, ticket inspection processing software, and mechanical action speed. Generally, the gate response speed is within 500ms.