What Precautions Should be Taken in the Use of the Flap Barrier? Oct 05, 2019

Flap barrier mechanisms are very common in life, so what should we pay attention to?

Daily in the process of passage, pay attention to swipe card passage, must not follow into the wing brake passage. Do not forcibly break the flap barrier, so as not to hurt people. The front person has passed the middle point, the back person can swipe the card, swipe the card effectively will have the arrow indication and the gate open at the same time, to quickly pass through, the machine has an alarm or voice prompt do not pass casually.

In the position of the card swipe, when the flap barrier is in use, the cardholder needs to swipe the card outside the infrared ray. Do not stand at the infrared alarm of the flap barrier to swipe the card. Only when the flap barrier opens to a certain extent and has the indication arrow prompt, can it enter. Do not stay in it, to improve the fluidity of the channel. The cardholder should swipe the card in the induction area, not too high, so as not to be able to sense, nor to post the card in the induction area. The right hand-held card is right, parallel to the induction area, 20-30 mm away from the induction area, and the sound of "beep" is heard to prove that the card has been swiped successfully.

Secondly, the protection of cards is very important, cardholders should not fold, alter, or put cards and magnetic items together, to avoid card failure. After the card is lost, they must contact the management department to re-register in time, to avoid information leakage.