What is the Construction Access Control System and What are Its Characteristics? Jun 01, 2020

The construction access control products are stamped and formed with stainless steel plates, which are beautiful and generous, rust-proof and durable. The system uses a standard electrical interface externally, which can easily integrate reading and writing devices such as barcode cards, ID cards, IC cards, fingerprint machines, face recognition, and two-dimensional codes in Turnstile.

This is an intelligent channel management equipment developed and produced by ZOJE. Through the selection of various identification system equipment and the use of reliable safety protection devices, alarm devices, direction indications, etc., intelligent control and management of the passage of the channel can be completed. Therefore, it provides an orderly and civilized way for people to enter and exit, and can prevent unauthorized people from entering and exiting. It is suitable for construction sites and other places. At the same time, in order to meet the requirements of the fire exit, the power can be cut off and the staff can be evacuated in emergency.

Characteristics of construction access control system

  1. It has fault self-checking function, which is convenient for users to maintain and use.
  2. It has a variety of working modes to choose from, and one is two-way card reading and current limiting. It can also read cards while entry is prohibited in the other direction; it can also read cards while entry is permitted in the other direction.
  3. It has a two-way free passage after power off, and automatically restores the lock function when power is on, so as to quickly organize personnel evacuation in emergency.
  4. After the valid card is read, pedestrians only need to gently push the revolving door after entering. It can automatically reset with two-way access, and the three doors are always closed. Its turnstile gate rotates 120 degrees each time (or the revolving door rotates 90 degrees each time).
  5. It uses a unique transmission system to make construction access control system lock and unlock at zero position more accurately and reliably.