What is the Best Parking Lock to Choose? Jan 11, 2021

There are many types of parking locks in the market, and different parking locks are different in the aspects of software and hardware. We will consider several factors when choosing a parking lock, including its performance of anti-compression, anti-collision, and load-bearing.

The rocker parking lock has a series of 180° type. The 180° type means that the rocker arm can rotate 180° forward and backward. When the vehicle accidentally hits the rocker arm with a frontal collision, the rocker arm will be knocked down, and the vehicle and parking space are less likely to be damaged. But when it is overwhelmed by external forces, one can forcibly enter the parking space.

There is an uncollapsible type of rocker arm as well. This type of rocker arm can be divided into two types: one is the rigid non-overwhelming parking space, which are completely uncollapsible, with the properties of anti-collision, locking, anti-kick and anti-kick. However, it will cause damage to the forcibly-entering vehicle because when the car accidentally hits the parking lock with a frontal collision, the parking lock cannot be knocked down.

The other type is the flexible non-overwhelming parking space, which uses springs to ease accidental crashes. However, even if it is overwhelmed by a kind of strong external force, it will bounce up quickly due to the large elastic force of the built-in spring, so one cannot forcibly enter the parking space.

There is also a kind of scan code parking lock of the rocker arm. The most basic requirement is that the QR code is large enough to be easily scanned in the car.

In this intelligent era, intelligent remote control parking locks are certainly indispensable. The remote control parking lock can not only make people unlock the parking lock in their own parking space inside the car, but also trigger an anti-collision system when the vehicles are hit. The rocker arm will have a buffer effect when falling in order to avoid damage to the vehicle.

In addition to considering the performance property when choosing a parking lock, the appearance should also be considered as well. The difference in styles and textures will also bring difference in the internal parts. If you have individual needs, you can find Zhongjie Zhian Technology Co., Ltd. to customize.