What is a Speed Door? Jun 15, 2020

Speed door belongs to automatic control equipment, which is composed of door frame, PVC curtain, drive motor and control system. There are many ways to trigger the door opening signal: manual button, radar sensor, infrared photoelectric sensor, geomagnetic sensor, remote control, etc.

Drive motor: The speed door uses brake deceleration motors that require fast braking and low noise. Generally, the brake motors sold on the market are either not good in braking effect or loud in braking noise, and they are not suitable for speed doors.

Working process: The trigger signal is provided by the door opening sensor for the control system. The control system sends an instruction to the inverter according to the current position of the door panel, and starts the drive motor to quickly rotate the door. After the pedestrian passes, the door curtain automatically lowers and closes the channel until the next door opening signal is opened again. As the name implies, the opening and closing of speed door is very fast, and it can't be started and stopped directly like other ordinary doors. It generally requires a frequency converter to control the speed of the motor. The faster the quick door opens, the better. When it is almost in place (about 20cm), a deceleration buffer stop process is needed to prevent impact on the track, prevent people from being pinched and reduce noise. This is also a criterion for measuring the performance of speed door.