What are the Main Functions of Swing Turnstile Sep 13, 2019

Swing turnstile is one of the most frequently used types of gate. In itself, the role of swing turnstile is to block and control the flow of people. However, it is not only able to manage people's access. It can cooperate with all kinds of equipment to achieve more functions and be applied on various occasions. Today, for the swing turnstile function in the gates, let's take a look at HongKong ZOJE's related information.

What are the main functions of swing turnstile?

1. Site system: Site access management system, easy to manage! External LED screen, display all kinds of information!

2. Face Recognition: Face Recognition System can achieve orderly passage through face recognition and eliminate the generation of the card!

3. Fingerprint identification: Fingerprint identification system identifies fingerprints to open quickly and to identify fast and orderly passage!

4. Deduction system: to achieve deduction and deduction function, successfully applied to government agencies, canteens, gyms and so on. ..

5. Two-Dimensional Code System: Scanning the two-Dimensional Code Entry and Exit Channel, Successfully Using to the Cinema, Scenic Spot, etc.

6. Identity Card: Identity Card Recognition System, successfully used in universities, driving schools, libraries and so on!

7. LED Screen: External LED display system, real number, weather, time and so on.

8. Gymnasium: It can dock gym software, realize front-end control switch, voice broadcast can limit the use of time.

9. Tunka system: Tunka system in the passageway, suitable for subway, interstellar hotels, scenic spots and so on! Cards can be recycled!

10. APP system: Aerodynamic gate control opens through a mobile APP, which is suitable for large-scale organs and security industry!

11. Ticketing system: Ticketing system is suitable for all scenic spots, hotels, etc. It is convenient and fast to travel!

12. Campus system: can realize the function of swiping card to take pictures, suitable for kindergartens, driving schools, schools, examinations, etc. switching card to take pictures to open brakes.

Intelligent swing turnstile can achieve the above 12 functions. Strong access control system and control channel equipment of the gate itself can achieve so many functions.

What are the main functions of swing turnstile? With these functions, swing turnstile can be used in residential areas, construction sites, factories, gyms, scenic spots, campuses, clubs and so on. And these smarter swing turnstiles also make our lives more convenient.