Troubleshooting Method of the Parking Barrier Feb 08, 2021

1. After the barrier lever is raised to the limit position, neither the automatic or manual button can make the barrier lever descend.

If the vehicle detector crashes, press and hold the on and off buttons at the same time to force the vehicle detector to reset, or power it off and then power it on.

2. The parking barrier can be closed (open) and opened (closed) at the same time.

Not being able to be closed (opened) and opened (closed) at the same time means that the white common wire of the motor is good. You can first test whether the red (yellow) and white wires of the motor are connected, and then measure whether the blue and gray (green) signal lines and the K2 (K1) sensor switch are short-circuited.

3. It is normal when to switch it on/off but it cannot be shut down.

Being able to switch means there is no problem with the red, white and yellow wires of the motor wire, that is, the signal wire is not short-circuited. The main reason is that the limit signal is not sent to the controller or the limit function of the controller has broken.

4. The parking barrier vibrate during operation.

Vibration during operation is mainly due to the fact that the length (weight) of the barrier lever is not proportional to the tension of the spring. If the lower rod does not vibrate, but starting the rod will make it vibrate, indicating that the tension of the tension spring is too strong, and just loosing the tension of the spring can be OK; the upper rod will not vibrate but the lower rod do, indicating that the spring tension is insufficient, and the tension spring should be tightened or replace the spring to deal with the problem.

5. When the vehicle leaves the vehicle detector, the barrier lever cannot fall automatically.

If the controller of the vehicle detector has no signal output, the ground sensor crushes, or the ground sensing coil is damaged, replace the vehicle detector or ground sensing coil.

6. Powering off the protection switch.

When the control part of the automatic parking barrier fails, the automatic protection device of the parking barrier will automatically work. At the time, the barrier lever stops at the inclined up position and can not move. The main power supply is disconnected and the machine cannot work normally. At this time, you can open the door of the machine and turn the big belt clockwise 3-8 times to the upper position to recover it. If the original state cannot be restored for many times, check whether the Hall element and the circuit board are malfunctioning.

7. After the parking barrier is raised, it cannot fall down.

Both the damage of the manual button switch and the damage of the control box will cause the failure of falling of the automatic parking barrier lever. To solve this problem, the manual button switch and control box need to be replaced or repaired.

8. When the barrier lever of the electric parking barrier is raised to the defined position, it cannot be lowered whether mannually or by pressing the automatic buttons.

This is caused by the crash of the vehicle detector of the parking barrier. When troubleshooting this problem, you need to press the on and off buttons of the vehicle detector at the same time to force the vehicle detector to reset or you can also cut off the power supply and then switch it on.