The Role of Smart Gate Installed in the Smart Community Sep 22, 2020

The intelligent gate is equipped with face recognition, which can record and recognize the heads of the passers-by, and the temperature measurement system can be configured to recognize the body temperature of the passers-by and find abnormal situations in time. The deployment of handheld thermometers in the community requires multiple personnel on duty to complete the entrance and exit of the community, and constantly reminds the personnel not to forget to bring out the door card, which is labor intensive, but a convenient way is a smart gate to solve it.

In the past few years, more and more communities have begun to install community gates to realize diversion management, screen owners and visitors, and play an irreplaceable role in counting the number of people and safety management.

Pedestrian passage gates have been used in various fields. Where there are entrances and exits, the staff can be set to enter and exit the solution door. Following the rapid progress of urbanization and information management, there are many migrants in big cities. Everyone has higher and higher requirements for ensuring the safety of transportation, working, entertainment places, especially in regard to the closely related problems the entrances and exits that are closely related to people. It is necessary to solve the difficult problems of standardized management in places with a large flow of people, low efficiency, high labor costs, and data collection.

Common community gates include wing gates, swing gates, and quick-pass gates. Generally, wing gates and swing gates are recommended for residential communities. They are economical and can also be used outdoors. For entry and exit methods, you can swipe cards to enter and exit, or through face recognition. It can be combined with ID card to enter and exit the door. Targeted security management can be achieved.

When selecting the gates of the community, you should choose the corresponding gates according to the actual situation of the community. For example, if the pedestrian flow in the community is not very large, for higher safety requirements, you can choose an electric gate for access control, and if you have certain requirements for traffic speed, you can choose a wing gate access gate. Therefore, when choosing the gates of the community, you can choose according to the actual situation of the community and the advantages and disadvantages of the gates of the access control.

Before the epidemic is over, it is absolutely necessary for the community property to ensure the safety of the owners. At the same time, it is also a trend to manage the safety of community gates.

So what are the specific functions of installing smart gates in smart communities?

1. Contactless automatic identification: improving the passing experience of community personnel.

2. Instead of manual detection of door card and body temperature detection, work efficiency is improved.

3. Improve overall service.

4. The smart gate automatically opens and closes the door, and the way to brush your face is more hygienic.

5. Reduce the number of personnel on duty and reduce manpower input.

6. Relieve work pressure in the community.

7. The gate automatically prompts, which is convenient and quick.