The Biggest Headache for Tyre Killer Offenders Jan 18, 2021

Tyre killer, also known as road stab barrier, barb road barrier, etc., is a tyre-breaking road barrier which is driven by a hydraulic power unit. It is through the mode of remote controll or wire controll. The road stabs are relatively sharp, and the tyres of the vehicle will be pierced within 0.5 seconds after rolling on the stabs when the gas in the tyres will be emptied through the vent hole, making the vehicle be unable to move forward. Therefore, it is a kind of necessary anti-terrorism road barrier in some key security sites.

The tyre killer is divided into two types: non-buried type and buried type. The tyre killer adopts a complete steel plate for forming and bending without welding. If the tyre killer wants to puncture the tyre of a vehicle within 0.5 seconds, it is more stringent for the material and workmanship requirements of it.

First, the hardness and sharpness of road stabs must reach a set standard. The tyre-breaking stab of the road stab not only bears the pressure of the car, but also bears the forward force of the vehicle, so there are very big challenges for the hardness and toughness of road stabs. Only the road stabs with standard hardness will have good properities of sharpness when they obtain a sharp shape. Generally speaking, the tyre killer made of A3 all-steel have a better service life and performance. The bend tyre killer formed by the butt welding is easily crushed under long-term pressure. In addition, it is a low level of comfort for the seam formed by butt welding in the process of using, because this will produce some noise, and is prone to certain sudden breakage.

Second, the hydraulic power unit should be placed underground (to prevent anti-collision damage, water, and corrosion). The hydraulic power unit is the heart of the road stab barrier. It must be installed in a concealed place (eg. burried underground) to increase the difficulty and time of destruction by terrorists. Making them buried underground sets higher requirements for the waterproof and anti-corrosion properties of the device.

The non-buried tyre killer is quick and convenient to install and it can be moved at will. It can let container trucks under 40 tons pass through; the interception length of it can be customized, the control distance of it is no more than100 meters; it can be used in conjunction with barriers and can be connected with traffic signal lights with multiple control methods used in the process. All of these will maximize the interception of criminals.