The Application of Speed Gate Oct 20, 2020

Speed gates can be used in high-end indoor places, such as office buildings, parks, banks, schools, high-end communities, stadiums, high-speed rail stations, subway stations, public security agencies and other scenes. In order to achieve the purpose of restricting the entry and exit of personnel, control the intrusion of illegal personnel.

The plan of speed-pass door is usually determined according to the actual situation on site and the specific needs of customers. Nowadays, the speed gate adopts authorization control to restrict the entry and exit of personnel, and uses complex anti-tailing tracking control technology, which can quickly and accurately determine whether someone is following up. The speed gate manufacturer strictly prevents unauthorized personnel from entering. In turn, strict and effective management of personnel is realized, and the security functions of access doors are truly realized.

Pedestrian passage gates can be divided into different types such as speed gates, swing gates, and wing gates. Among them, speed gates have the highest quality and the finest workmanship. When the speed gate was born, it uniquely inherited some advanced elements of three-roller gate, swing gate or wing gate. It can be said that the speed gate was developed on the shoulders of "giants". The collision and integration of multiple technologies resulted in a new product.

Installation steps of ZOJE speed door:

1. Determine the location: determine the installation location of the speed-pass door;

2. Wiring: The specific wiring of power cords, network cables, and online cables should be reasonably and neatly arranged. The cable needs to be kept horizontal or vertical, and protected and fixed by casing;

3. Placement: Place the quick-pass door to the predetermined installation position;

4. Punch holes: draw fixed holes and fix them with expansion screws;

5. Wiring: After fixing the speed gate, connect the turnstile (power cord, network cable, online cable);

6. Debugging: power-on debugging of speed gates (here mainly refers to the debugging of swing gates, wing gates, and flat wing gates). Swing gates should be kept in parallel and alarm test; wing gates determine the opening and closing position of the door wing and alarm test; translation The up and down position of the door swing;

7. Data: Issue data to solve the problem of card issuing authority of passers-by.