Factory & Construction Site Turnstile Solution

The world is changing fast. Each day, hundreds of new factories are built for producing large quantities of commodities to meet the expanding international market, especially in Southeast Asia countries as they have more labor available. For effective enter and exit control, most factories turn to turnstile gates for help. Turnstile gates are born for security control as they can block the way by revolving arms or swinging doors. They will only unlock as people get their identification confirmed.

Safe and Efficient

Turnstile access control systems essentially increase building security. They only allow authorized personnel to enter the building and pose barriers to unauthorized entry. For some people with illegal intentions, such turnstiles as factory turnstiles have a certain visual deterrent effect.

Construction turnstiles used at the construction site can effectively enter and exit the site, because the entrant must present a document (whether it is a fob key, a pass or an ID card) to enter. Without turnstile gates, managers would have to manually check workers' credentials, which would take much longer than using construction site turnstiles. Therefore, by using construction turnstiles, efficient attendance management efficiency can be achieved.

Besides, ESD (electrostatic sensitive device) detectors can also be integrated into turnstile access control systems to meet the special needs of buildings such as electronics factories.

Factory & Construction Site Turnstile Solution

All for Security

A variety of turnstile gates can be applied to factories, workshops or construction sites for different levels of security needs, such as construction site turnstiles and industrial turnstiles. Full height turnstile gates integrated with biometric identification technology are highly recommended for the highest level of safety precaution. For the workshop entry, standard tripod turnstile, swing turnstile or flap turnstiles combined with other access control and management modules are sufficient for daily needs.

Factory & Construction Site Turnstile Solution

Customization is Not a Problem

Wherever you are, whatever you need, ZOJE will always provide you the best necessary security solutions for your factory or building site with its powerful customized factory and construction site turnstile gates.

Cabinet material, dimension, controller, motor as well as other components can be customized according to your detailed requirements.

ZOJE have established a long-term relationship with thousands of clients in different countries, most of them are located in Southeast Asia. We are looking forward to our cooperation in a win-win situation. We are doing our best to raise our profile around the world.