Business Building Turnstile Solution

More Turnstile Gates Needed

Security management becomes so urgent as lots of office buildings are springing up all over the world with booming commercial activities. With the Belt and Road Initiative unveiled in 2013, China has signed cooperation documents with 126 countries and 29 international organizations, which contributes a lot to the world economic growth. With years of experience, ZOJE Intelligent offers a wide range of customized turnstile gates for different business types, along with the Belt and Road Initiative cooperative countries as well as other areas of the world.

Business Building Turnstile Solution

Speed Gates Can Be Your Perfect Option

In general, speed gates are more popular for business buildings among different types of turnstiles. They feature stylish appearance and high efficiency. Flap barriers are less common than speed gates. Regular staff within the building shall confirm their credentials to get authorized access each time, while visitors will have to register at reception for individual permission for better security management. With years of customization experience, ZOJE is always ready to offer the most suitable building site turnstile gates for different projects with specific needs, like stadium turnstiles, office turnstiles.

Business Building Turnstile Solution

Safe Business Premises

If your office deals with sensitive information or expensive equipment, our speed gate turnstile solution gives you complete access control over employees and visitors.
Our effective turnstile security solutions will give you peace of mind and will always ensure that you have control over your business premises.

Modern Technology You Should Know

As one of the leading manufacturers of turnstile gates in China, we keep up to date by integrating the latest biological recognition technologies, such as fingerprint identification, finger vein or palm print recognition, face and gait recognition, iris or retina recognition and other biological algorithms, all of which will seamlessly work with pedestrian access control system contributing to a safe and efficient business environment. We will secure your building with every cutting-edge technology for your most benefits.