Scenic Turnstile Solution

ZOJE provides tailor-made turnstile solutions to meet your needs from all angles, and strives for your satisfaction, I believe we can bring you the best purchase experience!
  • Business Building Turnstile Solution Business Building Turnstile Solution As one of the leading manufacturers of turnstile gates in China, we keep up to date by integrating the latest biological recognition technologies.
  • Scenic Spot Turnstile Solution Scenic Spot Turnstile Solution Scenic spots equipped with turnstile gates tend to be more popular as tourists will take less time for the booking, ticket inspecting and so on.
  • Apartment & Community Turnstile Solution Apartment & Community Turnstile Solution We have secured thousands of apartments and communities in and outside China with powerful turnstile gates over the past few years. We are standing by to collaborate.
  • Public Transportation Turnstile Solution Public Transportation Turnstile Solution Powered by self-designed mechanical structure motor as well as modern identification modules, ZOJE always offers you the best-qualified solution for your most benefits.
  • Factory & Construction Site Turnstile Solution Factory & Construction Site Turnstile Solution For effective enter and exit control, most factories turn to turnstile gates for help. Turnstile gates are born for security control as they can block the way by revolving arms or swinging doors.