Scope of Application and Attention of Swing Turnstile Sep 09, 2019

Cylindrical swing turnstile is widely used in residential areas, construction sites, factories, gyms, scenic spots, campuses, clubs and so on. And these smarter swing turnstiles also make our lives more convenient.

It can be connected with various card reading devices to receive relay switching signals. External switch button or remote control can be used to realize one-way or two-way control. With automatic reset function, when the swing arm is opened, it closes automatically after a certain delay (delay 2S, 5S, 10S, 60S adjustable). Mechanical anti-clamping: mainly relying on the reasonable mechanical design of the brake itself to achieve mechanical anti-clamping, when the human body or object hinders the swing arm operation, the system will automatically detect and stop running, the swing arm swing force is small, will not hurt people or things.

Humanized self-protection:

1. When the body or object obstructs the swing arm, the system continuously detects the swingarm for 1-5 times, 5 seconds each time. If the obstacle has not been removed, the system automatically stops in the normally closed state. At this time, part of the device is in a dormant state, effectively avoiding burning the original device. When the next valid traffic instruction is received, the system automatically returns to normal.

2. When the system can't detect the reset signal properly (i.e. swing arm hitting the box), the system automatically detects the reset signal 1-5 times for 5 seconds each time. If the reset signal can't be detected all the time, the swing arm will automatically return to the normal locking state. (This protection function shows that even if the reset couple is damaged, the system can still be used persistently, and there will never be burning out of the circuit or motor.)

Switching speed can be adjusted in 0.8-2 seconds: 16 gears, according to the requirements of the switching speed.

Regular opening and closing can be adjusted. The switch between normal opening and closing modes can be easily realized by external buttons or remote control.

The swingarm is in the open state automatically after a power failure, and the opening direction of the swing arm is adjustable.

The swingarm can be adjusted synchronously (for double pendulum)...