Safe Use of Airport Gate and Matters Needing Attention May 10, 2021

As the development of science and technology, airport check-in no longer just relies on manual operation. It is safe and efficient to complete the check-in work by airport gates, which not only can make the entrance management simple, but also enhance the management level.

For passengers' convenience, many airports have successively installed the fast channel gate or the automatic swing gate in pedestrian channel gates for check-in. Airport gates have the advantages of high verification efficiency, fast traffic speed and accurate identification to ensure the consistency of person and certificate and prevent the phenomenon of counterfeiting or using others' boarding identity documents or boarding vouchers, which gives passengers a good travel experience, reduce the workload of staff, and improve the level of airport management. The following will introduce the use of the airport gate and matters needing attention to you.

I. The use of airport gate

1. Swipe the QR code or bar code on the corresponding identification window of the gate to open the gate.

2. Read the ID card. Swipe the ID card on the corresponding window of the gate to read the information of the ID card, and make sure to look at the lens to compare the person and card. After the comparison is successful, the gate is opened for entry.

3. When swiping the boarding pass or ID card, please stand outside the yellow line.

II. Matters of airport gate needing attention:

1. When wearing glasses, masks and hats, please take them off first in face recognition of the gate to avoid covering the face. If the airport gate can not identify your face, the recognition time will be too long.

2. When taking a child, it is necessary to lift the child through the gate, or choose the manual security check channel.

3. If it is not convenient to pass through the pedestrian gate with heavy luggage, you can go through the widen swing gate channel or manual verification channel.

4. Do not pass the gate side by side or follow the predecessors, so as to avoid causing personnel injury and damaging the gate.

III. Suggestions for airport gate installation

There is a large flow of people in airports, and airports also belong to high-end places. Generally, when choosing airport gates, it should meet the demand for performance, at the same time, it should also pay attention to the beauty in appearance, and meet the passage of carts or bulky luggage.