Product Structure and Working Principle of Turnstile and Revolving Door Jul 11, 2019

The intelligent automatic turnstile is developed from the three-roller brake and draws on the characteristics of the revolving door (the biggest difference is that the blocking body is not a glass door but a metal fence). According to the height of the blocking body, it is divided into full height turnstile and half height turnstile, and the application of full height turnstile is more. The blocking body (slider) is generally composed of three or four metal rods that are parallel to the horizontal plane, such as "Y" (also called three-bar turning) or "cross" (also called cross gate or cross-turn). The hollow closed stainless steel tube is strong and not easily deformed, and is blocked and released by rotation.

Product structure and working principle:

1. Turnstile mechanical part

The mechanical part of the turnstile (door) is divided into two parts: the structural frame and the movement. The structure frame is used as a carrier. The movement consists mainly of motors, optocoupler small plates (single and double), drive shafts, electromagnets, etc.

2. Turnstile control section

The turnstile (door) control part is composed of industrial grade main control board, transformer, battery, relay, air switch and so on.

3. System working principle

1) Turn on the power, the system will enter the working state after 2 seconds of revolving door, and the left and right positioning arms will be automatically locked.
2) Use the manual button to open the brake signal to the main board. After receiving the opening signal, the main board will issue the opening command. The relay will pull in and the electromagnet energizes to open the left and right positioning arms to meet the opening requirements and wait for the pedestrian to pass. (Pedestrian transit time defaults to 10S, and if it exceeds 10S, it will be disqualified)
3) After the rotary brake is powered off, the main control board of the battery power supply sends a normally open command. The motor drives the drive shaft and passes through the two-way optocoupler small plate to limit the position. The revolving door is normally open to allow pedestrians to pass freely to meet the fire protection requirements.

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