Places that Face Recognition Gates Suit Nov 03, 2020

Where are the facial recognition gates suitable for? Some customers have such problems. I believe many people know that the facial recognition gate is a traffic management device composed of a facial recognition system and access doors. In addition to facial recognition, swipe cards or more-used scan code are available for it, and fingerprint and other identification methods are compatible. Therefore, it is now more and more widely used in the market, so in the end face recognition gates are suitable for those places for everyone to answer.

Generally, face recognition gates are more suitable for use in corporate office buildings, administrative agencies, banks and other places.

Corporate office buildings adopt face recognition turnstiles. The original access control of corporate office buildings is paid with cards. Of course, in order not to waste, we only need to ask the door manufacturers to intervene in the original access control system, so that swiping cards is available for entering. By sliding the ID card, you can enter and exit the face recognition doorway.

If the face recognition door machine is installed in a new corporate office building, the situation is relatively simple, and accurate face recognition channel solutions can be provided, such as door machine model, face recognition door machine price, to understand the needs of the enterprise (function and price requirements). And then customize the functions of the face recognition door.

In view of the situation that the face recognition channel of the face recognition gate is installed in an office building, a part of the proposal is put forward. Through the innovation and technology of the gate manufacturer, we can understand the integration development capability and see whether the scalability function of the all-in-one machine is available.

In other cases, when the facial recognition door machine is used as a one-to-one gate machine, you can research the manufacter list according to specific requirements. Of course, in addition to office buildings, one-to-one turnstiles for facial recognition can also be provided, including the most common bus stops, checkpoints, railway stations, airports, customs.