ZOJE Swing Gate Turnstile Model No. ZOJE-B407

ZOJE Swing Gate Turnstile Model No. ZOJE-B407
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Features of ZOJE Swing Gate Turnstile Model No. ZOJE-B407

  • This swing turnstile gate features a pair of classical Chinese style doors, which makes it outstanding in the whole swing turnstile market.
  • Each year, a few different styles of turnstile gates are released as we keep innovation for larger market share.
  • The slim cabinet and unique doors make this ZOJE-B407 turnstile gate elegant for different applications.
  • The standard material of the housing is 304 stainless steel, also available in 316 as requested.
  • The self-designed mechanical structure together with powerful motor enables the turnstile running smoothly and stable in the long run. Brushless or servo motors are optional choices.
  • Generally speaking, swing turnstile gates have relatively wider passage compared to other turnstiles. Even so, the passage width can be customized much larger for different purposes, for example, parents with baby carriages, disabled people with wheelchairs, etc. 
  • We are able to do any practical customization for every detailed need.
  • Despite its slim design, swing gate turnstile ZOJE-B407 can be integrated with different access control modules, such as QR code scanner, bar code scanner, IC/ID/RFID card reader, fingerprint or face recognition, etc.
  • Each cabinet can be equipped with double motors for easy and convenient assembling of multiple-lane pedestrian passages.
  • Extra pairs of infrared sensors can be added if you want to make the passage much more reliable for seniors, children, and disabled people.

Specification of ZOJE Swing Gate Turnstile Model No. ZOJE-B407

Standard model ZOJE-B407
Turnstile type Swing turnstile
Cabinet material 304 stainless steel (standard)
316 stainless steel (optional)
Door material Hollowed stainless steel(standard)
Acrylic (optional)
Tempered glass (optional)
Finish Stainless steel satin finish
Dimension 1400*210*1000 mm (L*W*H)
Passage width ≤550 mm
Weight 70KG
Direction Single / bidirectional
Function Fail safe, anti-clamping
Power supply AC110–220 V, 50/60Hz
Unlock time 0.2s
Flow rate 35 people/min
Working environment Indoor and outdoor
Motor DC brush motor (standard)
DC brushless motor (optional)
DC servo motor (optional)

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