ZOJE Sliding Turnstile Gates Model No. ZOJE-PB105

ZOJE Sliding Turnstile Gates Model No. ZOJE-PB105
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Features of ZOJE Sliding Turnstile Gates Model No. ZOJE-PB105

  • Sliding turnstile gates are in line with the modern trends of all the turnstile series. Thus, you can find them quite popular in office buildings as a pedestrian flow control solution.
  • As the name suggests, the doors open and close horizontally in a sliding way. Doors are made of acrylic, which can be replaced by the tempered glass as an optional choice.
  • The cabinet is made of 304 stainless steel which is strong and anti-corrosion for long-term serving. Customers can also use 316 stainless steel as an optional choice but the price will be a little higher.
  • Obviously you can find that the cabinet and sliding doors have no sharp edge as we take passengers'safety into consideration.
  • Arrow shape led indicates the status of passage. When the lights are in green color, it means the lane is ready, and red means you can not pass this way.
  • Pairs of sensors are equipped for high-level security, additional pairs are optional for top safety.
  • These sliding turnstile gates are usually integrated with face recognition, fingerprint recognition, and other biometric identifications, also other traditional modules are supported, such as IC card, ID card, RFID card, bar code, etc.
  • Two motors can be fixed in one cabinet for customers who want to form multiple-lane pedestrian solutions. Brush motor is standard and brushless or servo motor is optional.
ZOJE is professional in customized sliding turnstile gates and can satisfy your very specific needs. Welcome to contact us for more information.

Specification of ZOJE Sliding Turnstile Gates Model No. ZOJE-PB105

Standard model ZOJE-PB105
Turnstile type Sliding turnstile
Cabinet material 304 stainless steel (standard)
316 stainless steel (optional)
Door material Acrylic (standard)
Tempered glass (optional)
Finish Stainless steel satin finish
Dimension 1400*300*1000 mm (L*W*H)
Passage width Max 600 mm
Direction Single / bidirectional
Power supply AC110–220 V, 50/60Hz
Unlock time Adjustable
Working environment Indoor
Drive type DC brush motor (standard)
DC brushless motor (optional)
DC servo motor (optional)

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