ZOJE Optical Speed Gate Turnstile Model No. ZOJE-BST300

ZOJE Optical Speed Gate Turnstile Model No. ZOJE-BST300
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Features of ZOJE Optical Speed Gate Turnstile Model No. ZOJE-BST300

  • As they allow quick access, speed gate turnstiles are very popular among different types of turnstiles. Any turnstile gate with optical components can be defined as a speed gate due to its high throughput ability.
  • With card readers and pairs of infra-red sensors applied, these speed gate turnstiles will be able to confirm their entry credentials rapidly and process pedestrian traffic quickly, which makes them outstanding of all the turnstile gates.
  • These optical speed gate turnstiles are able to control one-way or bi-directional enter or exit accordingly.
  • Standard and customized width are both available for these speed gate turnstiles. 
  • Swing doors can be illuminated with additional colorful LED lights to make them more beautiful.
  • Green LED indicators will show people the correct passage to go after they have been confirmed by the access control. Indicators can be turned into a red “X” signal when necessary indicating people not to go from this channel.
  • Our speed gate turnstiles are widely applied to high pedestrian flow areas. They are popular incorporation headquarters, public library lobbies, subway stations, university facilities, etc. These turnstile gates will carry out their duties to regulate pedestrians orderly without failure during rush hours.
  • Optical turnstile Model No. ZOJE-BST300 will be perfectly suitable for any modern buildings thanks to its unique and futuristic styling.
Size and shapes can be customized. Welcome to contact us for more details.

Specification of ZOJE Optical Speed Gate Turnstile Model No. ZOJE-BST300

Standard model ZOJE-BST300
Turnstile type Speed gate turnstile
Cabinet material 304 stainless steel (standard)
316 stainless steel (optional)
Door material Acrylic (standard)
Tempered glass (optional)
Finish Stainless steel satin finish
Function Fail-safe, anti-clamping
Dimension 1400*200*1000 mm (L*W*H)
Passage width ≤550 mm
Direction Single / bidirectional
Power supply AC110–220 V, 50/60Hz
Unlock time 0.2s
Flow rate 35 person/min
Working environment Indoor
Indicator lights Yes
Motor DC brush motor (standard)
DC brushless motor (optional)
Servo motor (optional)

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