ZOJE Full Height Turnstile Gates Model No. ZOJE-Z2007

ZOJE Full Height Turnstile Gates Model No. ZOJE-Z2007
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Features of ZOJE Full Height Turnstile Gates Model No. ZOJE-Z2007

  • ZOJE-Z2008 is a tandem version of ZOJE-Z2007. This type of full height turnstile is much more space-saving in comparison to two single ones standing side by side.
  • ZOJE-Z2008 features its transparent tempered glass covers which makes it quite attractive among all the full height turnstile gates.
  • Each passage can be set as a one-way or two-way lane according to practical requirements.
  • The whole full height turnstile is formed by SUS304 stainless steel. ZOJE-Z2008 adopts the most advanced drive control technology, which can be changed in a wide range to meet the various requirements of intelligent access control systems for different styles of modern buildings. This full height single turnstile is particularly suitable for the safe and reliable protection of facilities outside the workplace, sports fields, entertainment venues, and parking facilities.
  • ZOJE is not only a manufacture of high-quality turnstile gates but also offers professional after-sales service. We care what our clients care for our mutual benefits.

Specification of ZOJE Full Height Turnstile Gates Model No. ZOJE-Z2007

Standard model ZOJE-Z2007
Turnstile type Full height turnstile
Material 304 stainless steel (standard)
316 stainless steel (optional)
Tempered glass
Finish Stainless steel satin finish
Safety Fail safe (free exit/entry)
Dimension 1500*1500*2250mm (L*W*H)
Number of wings(angle) X type-4(90°)
Y type-3(120°)
Direction Single / bidirectional
Power supply AC110–220 V, 50/60 Hz
Flow rate 50 person/min
Working environment Indoor & outdoor
Unlock mode Solenoid(standard)
Motor drive(optional)
Motor type(if motor drive) DC brush motor (standard)
DC brushless motor (optional)
Servo motor (optional)

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