ZOJE Flap Barrier Turnstile Gates Model No. ZOJE-Y608

ZOJE Flap Barrier Turnstile Gates Model No. ZOJE-Y608
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Features of ZOJE Flap Barrier Turnstile Gates Model No. ZOJE-Y608

  • Generally speaking, electronic optical turnstile gates with acrylic or tempered glass wings are defined as flap barriers. A pedestrian barrier is formed by the two wings meeting in the middle of the cabinets. 
  • We design and manufacture flap barriers of different shapes and sizes. According to the security level requirement, flap barriers can be made into waist high or full height, but waist high is more commonly used.
  • ZOJE-Y608 flap turnstile gates are widely applied to ports, clubs, metro stations, hotels, intelligent buildings, high-end neighborhoods, etc.
  • Various types of identification technologies can be integrated with this flap barrier for a perfect security management solution, including QR code, fingerprint recognition, face recognition, and so on.
  • This flap barrier is built with an alarm function. Whenever an unauthorized entry occurs, the alarm will be triggered along with warning light, at the same time, the flaps will close automatically.
  • There is enough space for the turnstile controller and access controller as well as other electronic components inside the cabinet of flap barriers.
  • We design the mechanical structure ourselves to make everything under control. Plus, the latest silent mechanism technology has been applied, this way there is little noise when opening and closing the door.
  • Flap barrier turnstile gate ZOJE-Y608 can be configured as one-way or bi-directional passage according to actual needs.
  • Customization is available in every aspect of this flap barrier turnstile gate according to different project requirements. Welcome to contact us for more details. 

Specification of ZOJE Flap Barrier Turnstile Gates Model No. ZOJE-Y608

Standard model ZOJE-Y608
Turnstile type Flap barriers / flap turnstiles
Cabinet material 304 stainless steel (standard)
316 stainless steel (optional)
Door material Acrylic (standard)
Tempered glass (optional)
Finish Stainless steel satin finish
Dimension 1400*300*1000 mm (L*W*H)
Passage width Max 600 mm
Direction Single / bidirectional
Function Fail-safe, anti-clamping
Power supply AC110–220 V, 50/60Hz
Unlock time Adjustable
Working environment Indoor and outdoor
Motor DC brush motor (standard)
DC brushless motor (optional)
DC servo motor (optional)

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