Swing Turnstiles

Swing barrier gate turnstile is mainly used for channel entrance and exit management. The general application site only allows personnel to pass, including personnel tow the baggage, and the disabled person. Considering that the swing gate can achieve wider channel characteristics than the flap turnstile gate. Most of the swing gates can be used to pass through some non-motorized vehicles such as pedestrians, bicycles, mopeds and handicapped vehicles. Swing gate Turnstiles are suitable for elegant and luxury entrance solutions. Its unique features and extensible functions allow it to integrate with any access control system.
  • This swing turnstile gate ZOJE-B407 features a pair of classical Chinese style doors, which makes it outstanding in the whole swing turnstile market. The slim cabinet and unique doors make this ZOJE-B407 electronic turnstile gate elegant for different applications. The self-designed mechanical structure together with powerful motor enables the turnstile running smoothly and stable in the long run. Brushless or servo motors are optional choices. Each cabinet can be equipped with double motors for easy and convenient assembling of multiple-lane pedestrian passages.  Extra pairs of infrared sensors can be added if you want to make the passage much more reliable for seniors, children, and disabled people.
  • The cabinet of this swing turnstile is made of 304 stainless steel, enabling a long lifespan. 316 stainless steel can be selected as an optional choice if you want to build a much stronger housing. Swing Gate Turnstile ZOJE-B607 is perfectly compatible with several different kinds of access control systems and modules, such as IC card, ID card, RFID card, fingerprint recognition, face recognition, QR code, etc. We have our own mechanical designing team creating the most powerful and stable mechanical structure to go with each turnstile gate. This way, we have gained great popularity all around the world.
  • Swing Gate Turnstile ZOJE-B507 is one of our best sellers. This glass turnstile is especially popular among the Southeast Asia market. Long-term relationship clients of ZOJE all know very well that ZOJE is doing better at mechanical structure design than other manufacturers, which is also the main factor that turnstiles gates from ZOJE have longer service life compared to other alternative products.  This swing turnstile gate ZOJE-B507 can work as a single way or bidirectional passage. Obviously, you can find ZOJE-B507 is a vertical type, which means it occupies much less space than traditional ones. The standard diameter is 168mm.