Speed Gates

Speed gate turnstile is part of the access control system and is one of the important components of modern entrance and exit control. The door wing is driven by the control system and automatically opens and closes.

The operating mode can be selected by programming: The door wing is automatically opened as long as the verification entrant is authorized. In an emergency, when the flow of people is congested, under the strong stamping of the crowd, the door wing can be pushed forward to safely evacuate the flow of people without causing accidental casualties. This requires a system that allows some users to pass through directly but directs others in another direction, for instance towards a reception desk or another part of the building.

ZOJE has speed gates for sale with affordable prices, contact us now.
  • Ultra slim speed gate turnstiles, width only 65mm.
    Highly sensitive infra-red sensors make a user-friendly lane while passing through, anti-pinch, anti-collision, anti-tailgating.
  • Different colors available as requested.
    Good for office building lobby.
    Slim type speed gates, width only 120mm.
    Dry contact / relay signal.
    Warranty: one year for electric parts, two years for mechanical parts.
  • Our speed gate turnstiles are widely applied to high pedestrian flow areas. They are popular incorporation headquarters, public library lobbies, subway stations, university facilities, etc. These turnstile gates will carry out their duties to regulate pedestrians orderly without failure during rush hours. ZOJE-BST300 will be perfectly suitable for any modern buildings thanks to its unique and futuristic styling. Standard and customized width are both available for these speed gate turnstiles. With card readers and pairs of infra-red sensors applied, these speed gate turnstiles will be able to confirm their entry credentials rapidly and process pedestrian traffic quickly, which makes them outstanding of all the turnstile gates.
  • Speed gate turnstile ZOJE-BST400 is designed on the aesthetics of modern art, making it popular around the world. A self-designed mechanical structure combined with powerful motor ensures a long-term, stable and proper function. A variety of modules could be integrated To control the access including IC / ID / RFID card readers, QR code reader, fingerprint recognition, face recognition, iris recognition, and other biometric methods. As a smarter security optical turnstile, this speed gate turnstile ZOJE-BST400 is a nice combination of high quality and affordable prices for all Customers around the globe. Size and shapes can be customized. Passage widths are flexible according to actual needs.
  • With slim and elegant presentation, as well as the face recognition function, ZOJE-BST500 becomes more and more popular among our clients around the world. It is a perfect mixture of balancing speed, security and design. Featuring a high level security, speed gate ZOJE-BST500 is able to match any office building thanks to its flexible and stylish design. RFID card, QR code, fingerprint, face recognition and other biometric verification modules can be integrated with this speed gate turnstile ZOJE-BST500 for efficient and secure access control.
  • ZOJE-B202 speed gate turnstiles are flexible enough to be installed in any interior situation. These turnstile gates feature stylish cabinet and advanced optical sensing technology, making them one of our best-sellers. With its two swing doors, the speed gate turnstile channels and manages people entering or moving around buildings. It works as a boundary between the public area and the private section. ZOJE-B202 speed gate turnstiles are designed to seamlessly integrate with access control, CCTV and whole building management systems, securing people and business. ZOJE-B202 speed gate turnstiles is an optical turnstile. Its high sensitivity optical sensors are integrated to detect visitors approaching, ensuring top safety for all pedestrians.