Full Height Turnstiles

The full height turnstile (full body turnstile) is also called the rotary gate, which can be applied to all construction environments, and can solve all the control problems of the pedestrian entrance and exit passages. Generally, the hollow closed stainless steel tube is adopted, which is firm and not easily deformed, and is blocked and released by rotation. It can control whether the gates are locked or unlocked at any time, and up to 20 signal interfaces, which is convenient for users to expand functions.
  • Full height turnstiles operate like a revolving door. The only difference is that it allows only one person at a time to get accessed by automatic locking after one entry is finished. Since it is a full body turnstile, it would be impossible for someone to crawl under or climb over these full height turnstile gates as they offer maximum security. ZOJE-Z2005 would be the best choice for anti-tailgating. The delicate lock mechanism uses the limit switch to detect rotation and immediately re-lock back after the arm is rotated halfway through. 
  • Constructed from 304 stainless steel, ZOJE-Z2006 is designed for the highest level of security to maintain long-term use. These full height turnstile gates can be applied to both indoor and outdoor use. ZOJE-Z2006 is a tandem version of  ZOJE-Z2005. We also call this double turnstile. This series of pedestrian turnstile gate is significantly space-efficient compared with two single turnstile gates installed side by side when requiring multiple lanes. These double or tandem full height turnstile gates can be supplied in fully welded or disassembled condition for convenient and economical transportation.
  • ZOJE-Z2007 is a one lane type of full height turnstile gate. It will lock automatically a few seconds later after you have confirmed your identification but not passing through. This ensures the top security. Whenever the power supply is cut off, ZOJE-Z2007 will become a free passageway for the sake of safety. ZOJE-Z2007 can be integrated with different kinds of access control modules such as IC / ID card reader, face or fingerprint recognition technology, QR code scanner, etc.
  • ZOJE-Z2008 is a tandem version of ZOJE-Z2007. This type of full height turnstile is much more space-saving in comparison to two single ones standing side by side. ZOJE-Z2008 features its transparent tempered glass covers which makes it quite attractive among all the full height glass turnstile gates. ZOJE-Z2008 adopts the most advanced drive control technology, which can be changed in a wide range to meet the various requirements of intelligent access control systems for different styles of modern buildings.