Flap Turnstiles

Turnstile barrier gate are mainly used for pedestrian passage management. They have the characteristics of fast opening, safety and convenience. They are ideal management devices for pedestrian high-frequency traffic, and can accurately measure how many people are on the facility and whether there are still people on the facility. It is widely used in airports, subway stations, stations, terminals, scenic spots, parks, student dormitories, etc.

Flap barrier turnstiles
can be used in conjunction with smart cards to implement offline ticket management system functions and form unattended management of personnel entering and leaving.
  • ZOJE-Y109 is one of our new released flap barriers, with its conventional but unique design, serving clients from a number of different Asian and African countries.  Standard wings are made from acrylic for the sake of safety, but tempered glass can be optional for stronger construction. Flap barriers ZOJE-Y109 are widely used in metro stations with huge pairs of infrared sensors added. While for ordinary access control use, 6 or 8 pairs are enough. ZOJE is always proud to talk about its self-designed mechanical structure which perfectly works together with the powerful motors as they never let customers down.
  • We design and manufacture flap barriers of different shapes and sizes. ZOJE-Y608 flap turnstile gates are widely applied to ports, clubs, metro stations, hotels, intelligent buildings, high-end neighborhoods, etc. Various types of identification technologies can be integrated with this flap barrier for a perfect security management solution, including QR code, fingerprint recognition, face recognition, and so on. This flap barrier is built with an alarm function. Whenever an unauthorized entry occurs, the alarm will be triggered along with warning light, at the same time, the flaps will close automatically. Customization is available in every aspect of this flap barrier turnstile gate according to different project requirements.
  • ZOJE-Y108 is a user-friendly flap barrier turnstile gate for efficient pedestrian control in public areas with large crowds of people. The flap barrier is with fail-safe function for the sake of safety in case of power failure or other emergencies thanks to the built-in lithium battery. These flap barriers come with standard brush motor for the pedestrian flow of around 500 people per day, and if the number goes above 500 but below 1000, you should choose brushless motor instead, and if above 1000, the servo motor will be your best solution. ZOJE is not only proving customers with top-quality turnstile gates but also the most attentive after-sales service for long-term win-win cooperation.