Turnstile Gates

A turnstile gate, also known as a baffle gate or turnstile, is a door that allows one person to pass through at the same time. To enhance security, turnstile access control systems are often installed in facilities and venues. Access control turnstile can only restrict those who insert coins, tickets, passes or similar items to pass. Therefore, turnstiles (sometimes referred to as ticket gates) can be used in the case of paid entry, such as access to public transportation, paid toilets.

There are various types of turnstile gates, such as tripod turnstile gates, swing turnstile gates, flap turnstile gates, speed turnstile gates, full-height turnstile gates, etc., which can meet different occasions and access control requirements. Some types of turnstiles, such as full-height turnstiles, provide additional security through a floor-to-ceiling structure, making them virtually impenetrable. These models are used in high-risk / high-security applications, such as in data centers, prisons, construction sites, and well-known government and military facilities.

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