Stainless Steel Automatic Hydraulic Rising Bollard Model No. ZOJE-HB168

Stainless Steel Automatic Hydraulic Rising Bollard Model No. ZOJE-HB168
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Features of Stainless Steel Automatic Hydraulic Rising Bollard Model No. ZOJE-HB168

•  The automatic lift road pile adopts an integrated independent power system, which is easy to install, easy to maintain and of low failure rate.
•  Collision type lifting road pile has exclusive anti-collision structure design, more than 6 mm thick wall cylinder and double resistance to pile into a guide system could be used to provide a stronger ability to resist against and give very good security.
•  Before each device leaves the factory, there are 24 hours of uninterrupted work test, to guarantee the most reliable quality for long-term use.

Hydraulic Bollard System

•  The automatic parking bollard is an electric-hydraulic-mechanically operated retractable bollard system.
•  The system can be quickly and easily operated. It is suitable for both security and access control applications.
•  The system is designed to bring desired environmental and aesthetic enhancements to perimeter security, securing perimeter access without providing a sense of social disorder and active alarm measures. 
•  The hydraulic security bollards system is designed to withstand impacts and stable operation, offering high-security levels to all sites. It is ideal for university campuses, pedestrian walkways, parking lots, government buildings, sports stadiums, amusement parks, airports, shopping centers, hospitals, and apartment complexes.

Control methods:

•  Control mode: wireless remote control, cable button operation, power failure manual emergency reduction, Bluetooth control, remote control (limited to mainland China) and smartphone control.
•  Emergency measures: backup EPS emergency power. In case of power failure, please switch off manually for landing.
•  Drainage pattern: natural seepage/automatic drainage system.

In Case You Don't Know
Any OEM or ODM order would be warmly welcomed and highly appreciated. If you are purchasing automatic parking bollards for designated projects with unique design, please feel free to contact us as we have years of experience in customization. 

Specification of Stainless Steel Automatic Hydraulic Rising Bollard Model No. ZOJE-HB168

Standard model ZOJE-HB168
Control system Electronic hydraulic control
Voltage AC110/220V( controller voltage:24V)
System power 350W
Passing pressure 80 ton container truck
Rising time 1.5~6S(preset)
Dropping time 1.5~6S(preset)
Material 304 stainless steel, thickness 6mm spray rust primer
Weight 150KG
Control Type RFID card, remote control
Power off Open or close by manual
Working Environment Indoor and outdoor
Working temperature -30 ℃ to +70 ℃
Relative humidity ≤95% coagulation free
LED Indicator Optional, on top of bollard
IP protection level IP 68

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