Remote Control Parking Lock Model No. ZOJE-PL103

Remote Control Parking Lock Model No. ZOJE-PL103
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Features of Remote Control Parking Lock Model No. ZOJE-PL103

• Parking space lock is designed to provide parking for the general public, as well as for drivers with special privileges and needs. Keep your private parking space reserved, make sure that customers get car parking convenience and car security.
• It's designed to preserve and prevent the parking space from being taken up by other unwanted cars. Protect the private parking space politely and effectively. Thanks to the parking lock, car owners won’t have trouble in parking anymore, because they know that their parking space will always be ready for them.
• These include spaces reserved for monthly, annual renters, owners, renters of condominium, co-op parking spaces, disabled drivers and company executives and visitors. 
• This is an intelligent car parking lock with automatic reset and alarm functions. It is featured with a damp-proof, super long-distance infrared remote control and alarming at external force.

1) Enhanced package:
This is very important; buyers lose too many parking locks on shipping due to an unqualified package. Now we use carton made of highest-level material, almost as strong as a wooden case. Wooden cases can be a customized option.
2) Remote Control distance: 
The remote controller will operate within the range up to 50 meters.
Remote controls can be supplied for one parking lock, 2 controllers come with the package. This is the newest control panel for remote control parking locks in China, only available from our factory. 
If you have this product, you needn't get out of the car to lock or unlock the manual parking lock, just make things done in your car.
3) Power Supply: 
The battery (6V 7Ah) can be removed from the secure compartment and charged overnight (8-10hours) with the power charger provided, as simple as charging the mobile phone. Before the battery runs out, it would automatically make 20 seconds buzz as a warning signal every time the user gets it up or down so that the owner will charge it in time. 
The parking barrier has a manual override in the event of battery power failure.
4) Safety:
The power connection is anti-misconnection design in case of the user misplaces the battery which will cause a short circuit.
The key fob rate has a coincidence of one in ten million, and this will ensure nobody will operate your protector.
With the anti-collision design, in case of a vehicle hits the parking lock from its front side, the swing arm will be forced to close down with alarm sound, and once the vehicle left the swing arm will automatically rise up till vertical. With the remoter, you can even hold the position of sway arm when it was hit by a vehicle, protect your car and your parking lock.
The mounting expansion bolts are placed inside the housing of parking lock, can't be removed without a key of the housing. In case someone tries to remove it without permission, the parking lock will alarm loudly to remind its owner and also scares the thief.
5) Easy to use:
Touch your remoter to lower your automatic parking lock to lay flat, then drive your vehicle into your parking space; After leaving, touch your remote,  and your parking lock will automatically rise up to prevent anyone else from using your parking space.
6) Waterproof: 
The housing is waterproof; the battery is a fully sealed unit and will operate normally in water. This function is customized.
7) Durability: 
The housing adopts high-quality steel rolling which can bear Max 5 tons weights. With spray plastic coating, the housing is waterproof, rustproof and dustproof enough to last about 5 years in severe weather. The sway arm made of steel rolling won't deform even it is crushed by a vehicle.
8) Installation: 
Only needs 3 special bolts. 
Mark the position of the 3 holes. Use a 10mm drill to a depth of 6cm. Place the M8x60 expanse screws in the holes and place the parking barrier over screws then tighten holding the nuts in place.

Specification of Remote Control Parking Lock Model No. ZOJE-PL103

Remote controller:  two standard
Production materials:  high temperature alloy steel
Raised height:  40CM
Width:  45CM
Falling height:  8CM
Power supply mode:  dry battery
Waterproof performance:  IP67
Use environment:  minus 10 degrees Celsius - positive 55 degrees Celsius
Anti-collision performance:  positive and negative 180° anti-collision

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