Overview of Swing Gate Machine Products Aug 14, 2020

◆ Swing Gate Machine, with its box increased height and smaller width, saves space and looks beautiful.

◆ The shell frame is made of high-quality stainless steel, while the internal components are all treated with anti-rust and anti-corrosion so that it is durable; the whole machine operates stably and silently, with low power consumption. It is energy-saving and environmental friendly.

◆ The gate swings with the axis embedded in the box, without manual push swing; the opening and closing speed and delay time of the swing are adjustable.

◆ Through large number of military-grade high-performance infrared detectors, It can accurately realize the functions of anti tailing, detection of illegal passage, anti pinch, anti-collision and direction discrimination.

◆ In low temperature environment, the constant temperature system can be customized and installed in the equipment according to customers' requirements.

◆ It provides free control software and development package protocol for human-computer interface interaction, which is convenient for control and debugging and has strong expansibility.

◆ By default, it is composed of two single cores and one dual core to form a group of dual channels, or it can be customized as two single-core machines to form a group of single channels, or two single-core machines and several double-core machines to form a group of multiple channels.

Function description:

◆ Automatic return: in the normally open or normally closed mode, the swing gate machine will automatically return to the blocking zero position after the passage process.

◆ Open when power off: It adopts the industry-leading mechanical structure without configuration of UPS power supply. When the power is off, the system will automatically unlock the gate swing, which can be manually pushed to an open state, so as to facilitate the evacuation of people and meet the fire protection requirements.