What is the Main Application of Turnstile Oct 29, 2019

The turnstile is a kind of entrance and exit control equipment. Because of its special control function, it can effectively prevent illegal entry such as climbing and crossing. Therefore, it is often used in various special control areas that need strict control requirements. The passing personnel need to have special permission to be allowed to pass. The speed of the turnstile is about 30 people per minute. So what kind of occasion is the turnstile mainly used in? Let's introduce it to you.

First, the turnstile is widely used in civil areas, including chemical plants and construction sites, which have strict requirements for personnel access management. It can restrict the irrelevant people to enter the dangerous situation, so as to avoid unnecessary danger. The building environment requirements applicable to turnstile are also relatively wide. Different specifications and types can be customized in different environments, and the signal interface is diverse, which is convenient for function expansion and solves various control problems of the access.

Second, in the appearance design, the turnstile adopts stainless steel design material, and the control box is equipped with rainproof measures, which can ensure the safety in the operation process, so it can be applied in both indoor and outdoor occasions. In practice, it is often installed and used in various prisons, military management areas, banks and other areas with high requirements for personnel control, effectively controlling the illegal entry and exit of personnel.

Third, the turnstiles are divided into full height turnstiles, half height turnstiles, one-way turnstiles, 90 degree turnstiles and 120 degree turnstiles. Customers can process and customize them according to different needs of use. It is easy to operate the installation interface. At the same time, it has installation contents such as card readers and indicator lights, which can guarantee various functional requirements in the use process.

The turnstile products have many characteristics, such as reliable and durable, novel design, low noise level coefficient and long service life. The manufacturer not only ensures the quality of the products, but also carries out refined product design to ensure that the products play their due role in the service life cycle.

We provide the turnstile model to help you better understand the function of revolving gate.