What is Elevator Control System Nov 16, 2019

The so-called "elevator control" is actually a control technology of the elevator. The original elevator is equipped with a system device similar to the access control system, and the elevator can only be used after swiping the card.

The reason why we need to install elevator control system is that it can greatly improve the transportation efficiency of the elevator, reduce the waiting time of passengers, and save more electric energy. The IC card control system of intelligent elevator is a new product developed for this purpose.

Its working principle is to install IC card elevator control system on the original elevator system, not to damage the original structure of the elevator, but to take over the elevator call button or internal selection button, so as to limit the use authority of the elevator. It brings many benefits to the use of elevator.

Elevator control is a kind of elevator control technology. A system device similar to "access control" is installed on the original elevator. The elevator will start only after swiping the card, and the owner will be sent to the floor he wants to reach.

A complete elevator control system is composed of five parts: controller, card reader, card issuer, card and elevator management software.

The controller and card reader are installed in the elevator car, the card issuer and management software are in the property management center, and the card is held by the user.

After swiping the card in the elevator car, the elevator will open the car instruction for the preset floor of the card for the user to choose, or the floor that is not authorized by the card cannot be selected. Only authorized personnel can use the elevator, avoiding the chaotic use of the elevator.

Function of ladder control system

First, security. Nowadays, there are generally insufficient security personnel and inadequate security management facilities in the community. Miscellaneous personnel enter and leave the building at will, post advertisements in the corridor and elevator, or even "steal things" randomly. Burglaries often happen, which makes the community have serious security risks.

Safety is always the top priority of the people. The community safety is not only the most concerned thing of the residents, but also the most important work of the community property management. Through the installation of intelligent elevator control system, the non-residents outside the community have no right to use the elevator, which will put an end to such phenomena as "taking care of one's own interests", burglary in the house, random advertisement and so on. It effectively improves the security of the community and makes the residents more secure.

The second is energy conservation. Due to the effective restriction of the behavior of people who are not authorized to take the elevator, the frequency of elevator use is reduced. It can save electricity expenses to the maximum extent.

For example: the newspaper delivery personnel go to the third floor first, then call the elevator, then to the fourth floor, and then to the next floor. In this way, the elevator runs dozens of times and consumes a lot of electricity. There are also daily water delivery, advertising, publicity, and other miscellaneous personnel.

If there are children playing and playing in the elevator, press the button on each floor, and the elevator will stop on each floor, which is an immeasurable waste of electricity. However, if the ladder control system is installed, such a situation can be completely avoided achieving the purpose of energy saving.