We Work Hard to Produce Turnstile Oct 26, 2019

The turnstile originated in Europe and has a history of more than 100 years. With the passage of time, the turnstile has developed from manual rotation to full-automatic rotation. The turnstile has experienced a long history of development. The excellent design of the turnstile enhances the wind resistance, reduces the energy consumption of the air conditioning, and is the best choice to isolate the air flow and save energy.

The central axis turnstile, commonly known as "three or four wing turnstile", is a high-quality turnstile. From energy, cost saving to intelligent security, its unique design and architecture are perfectly combined. Through the careful design of the turnstile, the three or four wing automatic turnstile with complete functions can meet the needs of most customers. It helps to provide systematic high traffic import and export solutions for airports, hospitals, banks, hotels, supermarkets and other buildings.

The crystal turnstile gate adopts the laminated glass material with good permeability and firmness. Through the combination of elaborate design tradition and modern glass curtain wall design style, it is not only beautiful but also classic architectural style. The diversified configuration makes the crystal turnstile the best choice for medium traffic buildings, such as hotels, offices and many other types of buildings.

The arc automatic door is a kind of arc and translation automatic door, which gives the passers-by a spacious and unobstructed comfort. Through self-developed technology, arc automatic door can provide unparalleled quiet and free operation. It is large enough to pass through strollers and trolleys, luggage and people in wheelchairs. The arc appearance and transparent design make the arc automatic door an impressive luxury entrance. Arc automatic door can be perfectly integrated with various buildings.

The development of turnstile gate is not only to solve the problems of noise and dust prevention, but also to save energy and keep warm. The Institute of refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers conducted a study in the United States and concluded that turnstile entrances are the most cost-effective building entrances. For a common turnstile with a diameter of 2 m and a height of 2.1 m, only 1.7 cubic meters of air can be circulated each time. Because the heat exchange of air is very small, the energy saving effect of turnstile is the best.

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