Tripod Barrier Gate Oct 17, 2019

Features of tripod barrier gate: good overall strength, easy to move, flexible installation and disassembly. Welded, simple structure, beautiful and practical, strong and durable.

At the same time, the tripod barrier gate should have good overall strength and impact resistance as well as anti climbing, anti dismantling and anti destruction ability. It is used for the protection of explosion-proof and disorderly facilities of government departments, units, government agencies, etc. It is used for road crossing, security gate, stadium exit, entrance. This product can meet the needs of large-scale activity channel, sports event isolation, snake shaped channel at security checkpoint, temporary isolation channel, etc.

Tripod barrier gate is suitable for many places, such as road block, army, school, government and so on, which plays an important role.

Each tripod barrier gate has different specifications and prices. The price is one meter. Each size, color and pipe size of tripod barrier gate can be customized. Please consult customer service for specific price!