The Knowledge of Swing Turnstile You Must Know About Oct 08, 2019

Swing turnstile is generally called slap gate in the rail transit industry. Its arresting body (swing turnstile) has a certain area of plane, which is perpendicular to the ground. It can achieve arresting and release by rotating swing. Swing turnstile is composed of case, movement, swing arm, control system, infrared sensor, control equipment and other parts.

The swing turnstile is suitable for the occasions with large requirements for the width of the passage, including the occasions with more pedestrians or bicycles carrying luggage and parcels, as well as the special passage for the disabled. It is also suitable for places with high requirements for aesthetics, such as residential schools, scenic spots, ports, airports, stations, etc.

Advantages of swing turnstile:

1. There is no mechanical collision during the operation of the gate swing, and the noise is relatively small.

2. Compared with the three roller gate, the bridge swing turnstile adds the pedestrian traffic detection module, which can effectively detect the traffic target and has strong anti tailing ability.

3. The width of the passage is the largest among all the brakes, generally between 550mm and 1000mm. Some high-end products can be 1500mm, which is more suitable for pedestrians or bicycles carrying luggage and parcels, and can also be used as a special passage for the disabled.

4. The plasticity of the appearance is the strongest among all the brakes. The materials of the arresting body are rich, and the shape of the box body is diversified, which is easy to design a very beautiful shape. Therefore, it is often used in high-end occasions such as office buildings, intelligent buildings, clubs, etc.