The Introduction to Turnstile Jul 15, 2019

The turnstile is mainly divided into a full body turnstile and a half-height turnstile, and then there is a one-way turn-off 90° turnstile, 120° turnstile, and the like. The turnstile is suitable for strict control zones, and can effectively prevent climbing and drilling. When the passer passes the turnstile, the turnstile controlled by the management authority can refuse entry of the unauthorized person. If the permission is passed, the turnstile will be released automatically. The traffic speed is about 30-40 people per minute.

Scope of application

The main adaptation sites for the turnstile include: prisons, military management areas, and factories with very strict access and management (such as chemical plants, construction sites, etc.).  The mechanical part of the device contains an emergency control device. When the power is off, the center arm can rotate freely to ensure the passage is smooth; when the power is on, it is automatically locked. With up to 11 different configurations, the SAB101 can be used in all built environments and solves all control problems in the pedestrian access and exit. It can control whether the turnstile is locked or unlocked at any time. It has up to 20 signal interfaces and is convenient for users to expand functionality.


1. The all-rainproof box of all stainless steel is novel and beautiful.
2. Personalized installation interface (such as card reader, indicator installation, etc.) to ensure that the system integrator's control gate device is simple and convenient to install.
3. The movement of the turnstile machine has automatic adjustment of the hydraulic shock absorber. When using the turnstile movement, the sound is small, no impact, and the brake lever automatically decelerates back. The surface of the movement is plated with yellow dichromate.
4. It can be programmed with gate control, one or two direction controls (set by the user).
5. The base is fixed with expansion bolts.

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