The Function of Fingerprint Attendance Machine Dec 08, 2019

The fingerprint attendance machine identifies the user's fingerprint, accurately records the time when the employee arrives and leaves the company. Through attendance software, administrators can manage fingerprint records, attendance records and other data, and set related parameters. Generally, it is set beside the gate, which is convenient for the employees of each company to punch in the fingerprint attendance. Gate supplier usually sell such products.

Major function

1. Normal attendance management: It automatically counts late and early leave, etc. and provides statistics of late and early leave times and time length.

2. Abnormal attendance management: It provides the management functions of abnormal attendance such as business trip, field work, work injury, absenteeism and going out in the middle.

3. Overtime management: It provides the functions of overtime register, overtime on consecutive shifts, etc., and automatically counts the time length of overtime on weekdays, weekends and holidays.

4. Provide complete attendance report:

A. Details table of attendance summary: It records statistics of individual performance, such as late, early leave, absenteeism, leave, business trip, going out, daily overtime, weekly overtime, holiday overtime, actual attendance, attendance rate, etc. This report is mainly used to calculate salary.

B. Short list of attendance chart: It shows the attendance of each person on each day of the month in symbolic image. Through this form, the daily attendance of each employee can be seen at a glance.

C. Daily attendance report and monthly exception report. Through this report, you can view the specific attendance of each employee every day.

D. Overtime details table: This table counts the length of overtime of each day.

In addition, you can also select the amount of attendance machines according to the actual situation. These attendance machines can work online or off-line.  Just connect them to the computer, then you can view attendance records.

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