Technical Standards for Turnstile Gate Dec 18, 2019

1. Technical requirements for Turnstile Gate

(1) The profile structure frame adopted by the turnstile gate technology should ensure stability and reliability.
(2) Glass: Arc curved wall glass adopts 10 mm arc tempered glass; turnstile gate leaf glass is 10 mm tempered glass.
(3) Ceiling: Aluminum plate spraying, stainless steel ceiling.
(4) Appearance and design: The revolving door shall be concise, delicate and transparent, and conform to the overall architectural style.

2. Control system

(1) Control box: The main controller and frequency converter of turnstile gate, high-precision DC power supply adopt imported products such as Siemens of Germany. The turnstile gate reducer and electromagnetic brake adopt imported products: Denko of Germany. Control box processes the signals of sensors and detectors, and controls the speed and lighting at the same time.

(2) The turnstile gate operator, in addition to controlling various working states, shall also have emergency stop and disabled button; it shall be equipped with liquid crystal display screen, which has no less than 10 display states. Fault information display screen shall be equipped with fault code for maintenance convenience, and its operation will be convenient and simple.

3. Operation mode:

(1) Automatic rotation mode: Traffic sensor monitors and drives rotation when someone approaches. Stop turning or running at low speed when no one is passing. It has the function of slowing down for the disabled.

(2) Various working states are set: Normal speed of oblique angle stop; normal speed of idle speed; normal speed of closed stop; rotate fast when people pass, slow down when there is no one, and keep the smooth door open when there is a fire emergency. These facilitate users to choose the required waiting state in different seasons.