The Intelligent Three Roller Gate Turnstile System in the Passage Gate Nov 19, 2019

Suitable place

Subway, wharf, tourist attractions, exhibition venues, communities, factories, construction sites, fitness clubs, office buildings, school libraries, enterprises and institutions import and export attendance, access control, consumption management, special channel management control.

Product overview

The three roller gate turnstile is suitable for all kinds of public places where pedestrians need to pass orderly, such as scenic spots, exhibition halls, cinemas, wharves, railway stations, bus stations and other places where tickets need to be checked. Factory attendance, dining hall consumption, golf course, monthly card leisure center and other places requiring authorization. Anti static control area of electronic factory and unit with strict security measures requiring face recognition, fingerprint recognition.

Product features:

Compatible with IC, ID, magnetic card, bar code card, anti-static and other control equipment; smooth operation of the gate rod; with automatic pole drop in case of power failure and automatic pole up after power on; control board with memory function; with standard input and output interfaces, it is the best choice for system integrator.

  • Semi-automatic (electric) three roller gate turnstile
It is compatible with IC, ID, magnetic card, barcode card, anti-static and other control equipment; the gate lever is unlocked quickly and reliably; it has the function of power-off and automatic rod dropping, and the lever on the powered hand table; the control board has the function of memory; it has standard input and output interfaces, which is the best choice of the system integrator.

  • Mechanical (manual) three roller gate turnstile
It has a unique position, reset system; automatic reset, can always keep a rod in the horizontal position; it belongs to pure mechanical transmission products, no electric control operation, with simple structure, high reliability, no maintenance and other features, suitable for one-way current limiting management place.

  • Voice prompt function (including 5 voice prompts, such as welcome, thank you and so on);
  • Infrared anti pinch, anti recoil, anti-tail intruder alarm function;
  • Design functions of power on self inspection, power off and opening;
  • Input signal of standard access switch (COM normally closed and normally open), moisture-proof, dust-proof and waterproof design function