Why Pedestrian Turnstile Gate Needs Maintenance and Its Solution Dec 13, 2019

The pedestrian turnstile gate is usually used in the door area of hotels, office buildings, shopping malls, supermarkets, stations, hospitals and other buildings with large flow and frequent use. Because of the large flow of people in these gate areas, passage gates have to run hundreds or even thousands of times a day. It's a large load. If they are not maintained for a long time, it will cause wear and tear of the passage gate accessories, and reduce the service life.

If the pedestrian turnstile gate is not cleaned for a long time, without maintenance and detection will cause dust accumulation, electric leakage, sudden damage, and break the operation of the passage gate and other faults. Here is the test and maintenance scheme for the gateway:

Pedestrian Turnstile Gate Testing:

1. Use the level gauge to detect the levelness of the ground and the automatic door track in the gate area, and statistically analyze the measurement data;

2. Test the stability / operability / safety of the electrical components of the automatic door by means of science and technology;

3. Carry out stability / operability / safety test on mechanical parts of automatic door by means of science and technology;

4. Test on the hidden danger detection associated with automatic doors and other systems (fire alarm / fire control / monitoring, etc.).

Maintenance of Pedestrian Turnstile Gate:

Detect and adjust the function of the pedestrian turnstile gate;
Check and adjust the safety performance of the automatic door;
Clean up the track sediment; adjust the track flatness;
Check and remove the hidden dangers of the main components such as the drive, main control and brake unit;
Check and remove the abrasion and hidden dangers of the mechanical and hardware components;
Check and remove the hidden dangers of the automatic door waterproof.