Application Management of Office Visitor Management System Nov 22, 2019

The visitor management system of the office building makes full use of modern information technology to achieve the unification of personnel, certificates and photos. It realizes the functions of "entry registration, exit cancellation, portrait correspondence, carry on item registration, hierarchical management, historical record query, report summary", etc. After using the system, through the combination of civil air defense and technical defense, users can achieve "digital registration, network office, security management". It greatly improves the efficiency of user reception, service quality and corporate image.


(1) visitor registration supports two management methods: "printing visitor list in and out registration" and "IC card or ID card in and out registration". Users can select one or both of them as required. The visitor list or IC card is only a "pass" for visitors to enter and exit.

② whether the interviewee signs the guest list depends on the user management system, which is not a mandatory requirement of the system.

③ IC visitor card visitor system can issue card separately, or share one card with user one card system and access control system. If a card is shared, functions other than visitor card visitors are specified by the access control system or the one card system.

access control system (or one card system) uses ID or IC card, which is supported by visitor easy system.

⑤ in the departure registration interface, you can also fill in notes, select the departure location and take photos on site.