Functions and Characteristics of Turnstile Security Aug 13, 2019

Cross turning door, also known as revolving door, is a civilized and orderly way of passage for entry and exit personnel, and can prevent illegal personnel from entering and leaving. It is suitable for places with high safety protection coefficient, such as government organs, prisons, detention centers, bank vaults, high-speed railway stations, residential areas and so on. Highly perfect system has a wide range of usability. It can be connected with access card reader, face recognition, attendance, fingerprint, site management system, ticket machine system, etc. to prevent unauthorized persons from entering.

The mechanical anti-tail design of the cross-turning door can effectively realize one-person at a time. It has high anti-tail performance and can realize unattended operation. When pedestrians provide a legitimate opening signal, the brake rod rotates at an angle to indicate pedestrians'access. Then the pedestrian pushes the brake rod gently, and the brake rod rotates automatically in the direction of opening the door. The chassis and the rotating rod adopt detachable structure, which is convenient for transportation and installation. At the same time, the system also has fire protection function. In case of emergencies, the passageway opens automatically to keep barrier-free access and facilitate the timely evacuation of personnel. The revolving door has precise signal memory. When it receives legitimate signals repeatedly, it will automatically reset after the last person passes through, which greatly improves the speed of traffic.

Functions and characteristics of safety products for cross turning doors:

1. It has the function of fault self-check and alarm prompt, which is convenient for users to maintain and use.

2. External switch button or remote control can be used to realize one-way or two-way control of traffic.

3. It has the function of automatic reset. When the gate is unlocked, it rotates 120 degrees/90 degrees, that is, automatic reset (lock). Or if the system fails to pass within the prescribed time, it will automatically cancel the user's right of access and automatically close (lock up), with adjustable delay of 2S, 5S, 10S and 60S.

4.Anti-scour function. When no open signal is received, the barrier is automatically locked.

5.Anti-following function. When a person passes by, it rotates 120 degrees/90 degrees and locks automatically.

6. Automatic power off often turns on to meet the requirements of fire management;

7. It can be connected with various card reading devices, receiving the switch signal of the relay;

8. One-way and two-way function. One-way or two-way control of personnel access;

9. Use optical working principle. There is no delay requirement for the input control signal, so it absolutely avoids the phenomenon of several people swiping a card.

10.External button can open left and right frequently.

11.External button can realize the function of continuous power on.

12. The remote control and management can be realized directly through the management computer (to be customized).

13. The control board can be connected with counting function to record the number of people present and realize the function of implementing forward addition and reverse subtraction (to be customized).