Brief Introduction of Technical Advantages of Fingerprint Attendance Management System in Driving School Nov 10, 2019

The Fingerprint Attendance Management System of Driving School developed by our company is a set of computer management information system for driver training and examination management. The fingerprint attendance management system is designed and developed on the basis of careful analysis of the current situation and methods of driver training, some laws and regulations and documents. The fingerprint attendance management system takes human fingerprint as the only sign of training and assessment, adopts advanced biometric technology, IC card technology, communication technology and database technology, and integrates the driver's training, examination and management into a complete fingerprint attendance management system.

The fingerprint attendance management system of driving school is based on "one-dimensional unified biometric authentication platform", which uses large database SQL server or Oracle as background management system. Users can use it either in network mode or in stand-alone mode. Technically, it has the following characteristics:

1. Fingerprint identification and authentication technology: through collecting fingerprint, extracting feature points for comparison, to determine the validity of student identity.

2. On site photo collection technology: collect students' photos through camera and save them as static images.

3. Picture and fingerprint image compression technology: the maximum compression under the condition of minimum image distortion.

4. Data storage and transmission encryption technology: use des data encryption standard to encrypt data during transmission and storage to ensure data security.

Living fingerprint acquisition technology

The fingerprint acquisition instrument of the fingerprint attendance management system of driving school adopts the latest live fingerprint acquisition technology, which can automatically detect fingers and requires that the detected fingers must be living to get fingerprint images. This technology has the following advantages:

1. High anti-counterfeiting: the most advanced trueprint chip acquisition technology in the world is adopted. The fingerprint scanning signal passes through the fingerprint epidermis, and directly gets the fingerprint image through the dermis of the human finger, so as to effectively eliminate the forgery of the fingerprint.

2. Strong anti-interference: due to the collection of dermis, it has strong adaptability to the pollution, dryness and humidity of fingers, and has strong anti-interference ability;

3. Fast acquisition speed: it can achieve the acquisition speed of 15 images per second.