Factory Staff Access Card Swiping System, Factory Turnstile, Face Recognition Turnstile, One Card Turnstile Oct 11, 2019

The revolving door box body of the full height factory turnstile is made of standard 304 stainless steel. The box body is designed with a professional water guide channel, which can be installed indoors and outdoors. It is suitable for places where the traffic speed of people is limited. It has the functions of counting, attendance, current limiting, etc. And it can cooperate with the system, electronic ticket system, scenic spot ticket system, amusement park system, gymnasium system and theater system to realize the management functions of ticket selling, ticket checking, ticket checking and ticket recycling.

Product features:

Provide all-round personal safety protection

In case of power failure, fire and other emergency conditions, the factory turnstile is open, which is conducive to evacuation.

All electrical modules adopt safety voltage below 24V, and are equipped with residual current protector to effectively prevent electric shock.

Intelligent advanced security concept of pedestrian passage

The mechanical anti tailing design of the full height revolving door effectively realizes only one person at a time.

The mechanical and electric locking mechanism of the full height revolving door can prevent illegal collision and reverse passage.

It is a closed blocking structure, so the security level is very high.

Breaking through the conventional humanized design

A buffer damping mechanism is added to protect pedestrians from the impact of the rotating inertia of the brake lever. It greatly reduces the impact noise of the movement.