Dynamic Capture Face Recognition and Face Matching System Nov 07, 2019

System introduction

The face recognition system is composed of human identification terminal, channel gate, face recognition management client and platform. The system uses advanced face recognition algorithm and high-speed chip as the operation hardware platform of recognition algorithm. Through the access of identity information collection, real-time face capture and human card comparison, the human card integration verification is realized. And for different places to achieve fixed personnel brush face pass, visitor personnel card comparison registration, to solve the problem of fixed personnel every time need to brush or input password. If the person fails to pass the human card comparison, the security personnel or the staff shall confirm it manually and then release it manually.

Major function

Information collection: the human image information in the read resident identity chip and the human image information collected by the built-in camera can be saved in the device and uploaded.

Whitelist personnel comparison: when the whitelist personnel appear in the video area, the system detects the face, collects the face field photos and compares the face with the whitelist database. When the face comparison passes, the system voice prompts "the comparison is successful".

Person to person comparison: verify the unity of person to person for other personnel, and prompt "comparison successful" after the verification is successful.

White list management: register fixed personnel with white list, and update fixed personnel information in real time.

Visitor management: check the identity of visitors, compare and verify the human ID card manually, and record the identity information of visitors in real time.

Picture capture: capture the real-time picture of the personnel entering.

List synchronization: after the system connects to the client, it automatically updates the white list database and the black list database of the synchronization client.

Intelligent Alert: when the blacklist personnel swipe their identity, the system will compare with the blacklist database personnel after reading the identity information. When the identity is determined to be a blacklist, the system will give a blacklist alert, and the system will prompt that the comparison fails.

Record query: you can query the background records of the entered personnel at any time.

Event query: output the report of personnel in and out during the event period, which is convenient for personnel confirmation and event confirmation.

Access control: the system controls the access control to open automatically when a stranger or whitelist person swipes the identity comparison successfully or the whitelist person swipes the face and passes the automatic identification; if the comparison fails, the system will not control the access control to open automatically.

Active fill light function: under weak light condition, it can automatically turn on the front fill light.

Product characteristics

High recognition rate algorithm: the leading face recognition algorithm can quickly recognize the face, distinguish the true and false, * quickly judge whether it is the person in 0.5 seconds, with an accuracy of 99.7%, and support network disconnection comparison.

Binocular camera module: binocular and double algorithm, eliminate the nonliving, higher and faster recognition accuracy.

Face to face comparison: face recognition terminal is a multi-functional machine integrating face acquisition and verification. It can verify whether the real identity of the holder is consistent with that of the holder.

Whitelist: the whitelist personnel entered through the administrator's authority can be verified and passed without ID swiping and only through the comparison of face capture information.

Voice broadcast: after the comparison is completed, the system will automatically broadcast the comparison result voice and open the gate. If the comparison result fails, voice broadcast: the comparison fails, please try again.

Blacklist: for blacklist users set in the background, even if the human ID comparison is passed, since there is no opening permission.

Multi recognition mode switching: the system automatically switches the face white list comparison mode, the person card comparison mode and the white list comparison + person card comparison mode.

Record query: the software background queries the user's in and out records, and exports all records in batch within the time period.

Off line operation: it can work normally when off-line and off-line. After networking, it can manage multiple networking devices through client software.

Virus protection: deep customization of Android system, regular cleaning of the system, protection of various network viruses.