Dongguan Turnstiles Oct 20, 2019

Full height turnstiles are suitable for unattended and security situations with high requirements, as well as some outdoor occasions with poor environment, such as stadium, construction site, (Institute), airport, office building, factory, community, scenic spot, station, etc.

The turnstile access is interlocked. The electric interlock between the entry machine and the exit machine. When the entry machine is working, when the entry machine automatically screens the entry machine and the exit machine receive instructions at the same time, the entry machine is required to work first.

Function overview of turnstiles:

The turnstile adopts a unique incomplete gear transmission system, which makes the lock and unlock of the gate more accurate and reliable in the zero position;

The whole system of the turnstile runs smoothly, with little noise and no mechanical impact;

The switch has the function of incoming self check, which can automatically restore to the locked state;

The cross switch has a variety of working modes to choose from, which can read cards in two directions. The card can be read at one time and forbidden in the other direction, read at the same time and pass freely in the other direction, and the operation mode of the gate can be set through the main board menu;

The cross turnstile has the function of free passage after power failure, automatic locking after power on and recovery of opening;

The Full height turnstile has a unified and standard external electrical interface, which can be connected with various reading and writing equipment. It is convenient for system integration and can realize remote control and management through management computer;

The revolving gate has the function of clear direction indication, with the visual led to indicate whether it can pass or not;

The cross gate has the functions of card reading with memory and without memory, and the user can set it through the main board keyboard according to his own needs;

The Full height turnstile can limit the total number of personnel in the site through software setting, so as to meet the special needs of some special occasions;

The Full height turnstile has the function of automatic reset. After reading the card, if the passer does not pass within the specified time, the system will automatically cancel the pass permission of the passer, and the limited pass time can be set by the management personnel.

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