Product Analysis: What's the Difference Between the Speed Gate Turnstile and the Traditional Swing Gate Turnstile? Oct 23, 2019

In recent years, there are more and more speed gate turnstiles on the market, especially in high-end business places. Why do high-end places no longer use the traditional swing turnstile or wing turnstile, but choose the expensive speed gate turnstile? What's the difference between it and traditional gate setting?

Let's analyze the core components of the machine:

A: control part

The control part is good, just like the human brain, flexible and stable.

32-bit embedded microprocessor is used in the control part of the quick pass gate, which can open the gate quickly, pass 35-45 people / min, swipe the card continuously and open the gate continuously. The gate has memory function and linkage with fire fighting.

Intelligent processing of quick pass door can know that when people and luggage (backpack or trolley box) pass through the gate, after swiping the card of quick pass door to open the gate quickly, the luggage fails to pass, and the gate will not close; in the process of closing the gate, if someone breaks in, the gate will open automatically, and the safety factor is very high.

B: movement part

If the movement is different, the service life of the machine is different. Just like human beings, with a good heart, one will live long.

The quick pass door movement core adopts the electromagnetic valve clutch and the encoder linkage use, the motor transmission efficiency is high, transfers the effective power of the motor to the swing arm to the maximum extent, the motor generally adopts the brushless motor or the servo motor, when the swing arm is under the sudden external force action, the swing arm deviates from the zero position, the electromagnetic valve immediately locks, eliminates the external force, the encoder function commands the swing arm to return to the zero position, forms the automatic reset. In case of breaking the brake illegally, the solenoid valve will lock the brake immediately and give an alarm.

C: appearance

The appearance is the facade, and the quick pass door represents the height.

When viewed from the outside of speedway door, it is relatively slender, with small core structure. It adopts solenoid valve clutch, and the card swiping window is relatively slender. The swing arm drive rod will be a little thicker. When viewed from the outside, the manufacturing process and overall appearance are both high-end and atmospheric.

Five highlights:

■ precise positioning: with double positioning, the positioning is very precise, which can complete a series of actions in one second.

■ fast speed: the opening time is 0.5-1s, the opening speed is very fast, the opening angle can be adjusted, and the opening speed can also be adjusted.

■ intelligent judgment: set intelligent judgment when passing, and make logical judgment according to whether the pedestrian has passed, including whether the luggage has completely left the gate, so as to close or open the gate and ensure the pedestrian safety.

■ beautiful appearance: the brush free quick pass door is made of stainless steel plate by laser stamping. It has beautiful and generous shape, rust proof and durable. After surface treatment, it is more close and smooth, with consistent lines. The surface drawing process treatment is more high-end.

■ anti tailing: the cardholder swipes the card, the anti pinch gate is closed automatically, and the door will be closed if there is no card swiping behind. The audible and visual alarm functions: illegal entry, tailing alarm.